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Preschool at Eastern Christian School

Meeting each child where they are.

As a parent, you don’t want to have to choose between strong academics and a As your child approaches preschool, you’re probably as excited as you are nervous. Preschool means your child will learn new skills, make friends, and establish an early academic foundation. As a parent, you know these early years are about so much more than kindergarten-readiness; it’s also a time for instilling in your child the confidence and security needed to be successful inside and outside the classroom.

Eastern Christian’s preschool program is designed to accommodate little learners as the unique individuals God created them to be. Through personalized attention and developmentally appropriate content and activities, we meet each of our preschoolers where they are, guiding them as they learn, grow, pray, and play.

Education Philosophy

At EC, you can expect a solid and diverse academic foundation and a Christian value system that aligns with what you’re modeling at home. Student safety is our top priority, and not just physical safety. We also pursue emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing through nurturing, supportive teachers, like-minded peers, and a campus community that reflects a Christian worldview.

Your child will feel safe.

We have a dedicated Director of Operations and Student Safety, and a campus designed for physical, emotional, and social safety, with communications, training, protocols, and counseling services.

Your child will feel loved.

Through our dedicated 40 faculty and staff members, our 300+ preschool and elementary school students feel seen and valued. With small class sizes, we’re able to really know your child.

Your child will learn and discover.

Whether it’s individualized academic support or seeing Christian values modeled in the classroom, your child will unlock their potential, and uncover new interests and passions. 


A Place Where Your Child Will Thrive

Download our Elementary Parent Guide and learn more about how Eastern Christian can meet the needs of your child. Your e-book includes how we keep our students physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally safe, as well as how we build excellent academic foundations with a Christian worldview.


“We love the fact that our children get to hear about God everyday at school. The Bible instructs us in Deuteronomy 6:7 to teach the word of God to our children when we sit at home and when we walk along the road, when we lie down and when we get up. Since they spend about seven hours at school each day, we are grateful that they do not miss out on hearing God’s word during this period. Our faith and love for God as a community also unifies us and this helps to bridge cultural differences. We have been blessed with genuine friends.”

Stella and Eric Osae-Twum

A Strong Academic Foundation

Our elementary program focuses on kindergarten through third grade because these years are a critical time for establishing strong roots in core subjects, and igniting interest in the more creative pursuits of art, music, and interdisciplinary learning. 

Our Christian curriculum is rooted in a 21st-century approach. In addition to art, library, music, and P.E., elementary students participate in a STEAM class on a weekly basis: a hands-on class incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math, and helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they collaborate with their classmates to build, create and code. 

Beginning in kindergarten, students receive daily phonics instruction through Fundations. This skill practice, coupled with other components of our language arts curriculum, fosters growth in reading fluency and comprehension and instills a love of reading.  

At the elementary level, core skills are developed in: 

  • Bible
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Writing

We use technology to enable learning with smartboards and Chromebook mobile labs in every classroom.

Biblical Worldview

At the elementary school level, we encourage students to view the world around them through the lens of the word of God, and we incorporate a Christian worldview into everything we do.

From studying science as God’s creation and math as how God demonstrates an orderly world, Eastern Christian School students are always learning from a biblical perspective. Our teachers affirm their faith as part of the hiring process, and they exercise it through modeling Christian behavior and shepherding students. Bible is a required course for all grades, and weekly chapel is a time of fellowship and worship. We put our faith into action through service learning and mission work — our elementary school students raise money annually to support local ministries. Learn more about how we integrate worldview in the classroom. 

Differentiated Learning

Whether it’s accelerated coursework or academic support, we ensure students can be successful in the classroom no matter their learning style.

Our Horizons Program is designed for learners with demonstrated gifts and talents. Horizons students participate weekly in a small group setting for advanced, in-depth, and conceptually challenging instruction in literacy and/or math. 

Our Owl’s Nest Program provides support for students who learn differently or need extra academic reinforcement. With a low student-to-teacher ratio (typically 5:1), Owl’s Nest students experience a variety of multi-sensory, highly structured, and sequenced programs to meet their various academic needs. 

Real-World Problem Solving

Learning at EC isn’t confined to the four walls of the classroom. We teach our elementary students collaboration, resourcefulness, and flexibility through Project Based Learning (PBL). 

Each year, students are presented with a real-world problem and they must work with their peers to brainstorm solutions. Teachers integrate PBL projects into their grade-level curriculum, our annual spiritual theme, and EC’s core values. Many of our PBL projects involve learning about other countries and cultures as we seek solutions to global issues.

A Focus on Character

At Eastern Christian, character development is part of our curriculum, community, and culture. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders, knowing they will pursue the character of Christ and be transforming agents in a global society. We are one of only seven school districts nationwide, and the only Christian school, to be named a National School District of Character by

Giving back to the community is a big part of the Eastern Christian culture. Students can participate in a variety of service opportunities, whether it’s supporting our local community or a country in a different part of the world.

Partnering with Parents and Families

Eastern Christian School is a parent governed, independent private school, which means we’re governed by a Board of Directors made up of parents who send their children to our school. 

As a parent-run school, we believe in partnership with our parents and families. We have many opportunities for parents to get involved, including a very active PTO, room parents, field trip chaperones, worship parents, hot lunch parents, and more!

Meet a Teacher

Dr. Donna Furrey


BABL from Northeastern Bible College
MEd from William Paterson- Language Arts
MEd from William Paterson- Administration
Nova Southeastern University- EdD Educational Administration

Having been a student at Eastern Christian, I know first hand the impact that a Chrstian school teacher can have on a student’s life… I am so blessed to have the opportunity to return to EC and share my three loves — love of God, love of teaching, and love of children. What an incredible opportunity to be part of a school that holds both academic excellence and biblical truth in such high regard.

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