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Faith in Action

Faith In Action (FIA) is an opportunity for students to serve as the hands and feet of our Savior.  The intention of this program is to encourage community service from a Christian perspective. This is an exciting opportunity to serve Jesus Christ in a wide variety of ways.  

FIA is a graduation requirement for all Eastern Christian High School students.  Each freshman entering ECHS is required to complete fifty (50) hours of Faith In Action service while they attend high school. ECHS requires 15 hours to be completed by the end of each year for the first three years of school (Grades 9 – 11), and the final 5 hours are due by Christmas break of the senior year.

Students will receive a pass/fail report card grade for completion of their Faith In Action hours at the end of the first semester of their senior year.  

The breakdown of required FIA hours for students entering ECHS is as follows:

Enter as a freshman               5-10 In-School hours               40-45 Out-of-school hours = 50 hours
Enter as a sophomore            5-10 In-School hours               25-30 Out-of-School hours = 40 hours
Enter as a junior                     5-10 In-School hours               20-25 Out-of-School hours = 30 hours
Enter as a senior                    5-10 In-School hours               10-15 Out-of-School hours = 20 hours

Mobileserve is an online system we use for documenting FIA hours. When the school is made aware of FIA opportunities, they are posted in Mobileserve, so that all the students are able to take advantage of the opportunities. Accounts may be set as completely private, open to friends, or public.  Students are to seek out the many opportunities all around us as well, both in and out of school, to serve others in a Christ-like spirit. Students must log their hours, service, and a reflection to ‘share their story’ that discusses how their faith was impacted or how the experience was a tangible representation of our core values at ECSA.  Then the service must be verified through 2 of the 4 options: e-signature, supervisor’s email confirmation, location verification, kiosk check in (event posted by EC). Photos may also be posted.  We urge students to log their hours as soon as possible after completing a task.

Note that FIA performed for Eastern Christian whether it is in the high school building or outside the building is considered In-School FIA.

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