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Similar to a college major, ECHS Concentrations are a way for students to demonstrate high academic success and passion for a particular field of study. Students may choose a Concentration after their freshman year in high school. If they complete enough electives (with a grade of 80% or higher) and approved co-curricular activities (validated participation) within their chosen field, their transcript will reflect their success within the concentration. 

Concentrations are open to all students, and include pathways for students in pursuit of honors credit or not.

Each Concentration will culminate in a capstone Senior Portfolio Project. This project will incorporate reflection and application of lessons learned within the chosen field of study.

Concentration Highlights

Available to All High School Students

Deeper Exploration of Passion Subject Areas

Transcript Recognition of Concentration & Accomplishments

Demonstrate High Academic Achievement

Explore Our Concentrations

Humanities Concentrations

Humanities Concentrations provide a student with an interdisciplinary learning experience that develops conceptual thinking, personal passion, independent research, scholarly excellence, and academic discussion and dialogue. Through the lens of a Biblical worldview, the program takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying literature and arts within the context of the historical events that gave rise to them. Ultimately, the graduate has a clearly defined and articulated personal worldview, evident in the capstone Senior Portfolio Project.

All Humanities and Humanities Honors students will choose an area of concentration. To complete a concentration, students must achieve an 80% or higher in their yearly required Social Studies and English courses, as well as in at least 4 additional courses in their designated concentration area.  

Required Social Studies: 

  • World Cultures CP, World History 1 Honors, or Genres
  • World History CP, World History 2 Honors, or Genres
  • US History 1 CP, US History 1 Honors, or Genres
  • US History 2 CP, US History 2 Honors, or Genres

Required English: 

  • English 1 CP, English 1 Honors, or Genres
  • English 2 CP, English 2 Honors, or Genres
  • English 3 CP, English 3 Honors, or Genres
  • English 4 CP, English 4 Honors, or Genres

Students who take all eight honors courses above will receive an additional “Honors Humanities” designation.  

STEM Fields Concentrations

STEM Fields Concentrations educate and equip students to foster a heart for God and His desire for this world. Through engaging with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, we will stand in awe together as we begin to understand the creativity and the complexity of creation. Humbled, we discover that God reveals himself and wants to be known by us. We are invited to participate in His creativity as we seek to ‘set creation free from its bondage to decay’ (Romans 8:21). We will instill in students an attitude of using their knowledge of STEM fields to make choices that will bring redemption and restoration to God’s creation.

Complete 4 full block courses from one of the concentrations. STEM Fields Concentrations consist of classes that are beyond the required coursework, either Honors level or elective choices within the field. Students must receive an 80% or higher in their core and elective choices within the designated concentration area.

*Courses designated as Project Acceleration can be taken for dual enrollment credit through Seton Hall University
**Music ensembles, 2.5 credit classes, and clubs count as ½ courses toward the 4 course total.

Applicable clubs, online classes, independent studies, or other activities may also be approved in advance by the deans.

Concentration Highlights

  • Available to All Students
  • Deeper Exploration of Passions
  • Recognition of Extracurriculars
  • Focused Areas of Study
  • Camaraderie Within Disciplines
  • Transcript Recognition of Concentration

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