Elementary School

Special Classes

Eastern Christian Elementary School offers a variety of special classes to students in grades K-4. Specials teachers meet with classroom teachers on a weekly basis to plan for integration and differentiation. Special classes extend classroom learning while incorporating specific skills.


Students at ECES imitate their creator God when they visit the art room each week. K-4 students are exposed to a variety of mediums including; watercolors, tempera paint, pencil, colored pencil, markers, clay, and oil pastels. Teaching is based on the elements of art and the principles of design. Projects are centered on artists and correlate with classroom instruction. We strive to glorify God through our artwork and instruction.
Teacher: Jaci Turner


Kindergarten students come to the media center on a bi-weekly basis for a 30-minute computer classes. Computer classes for students in grades 1-4 are 40-minute minutes in length on a weekly basis. Students learn basic computer skills such as manipulating the mouse and keyboard while typing, and formatting text and graphics. Projects include word processing, webquests, and multimedia slide shows. In addition, 3rd and 4th grade students have weekly keyboarding class.
Teacher: Melody Zacharias & Taylor Sinclair


Kindergarten students come to the media center on a bi-weekly basis for a 30-minute library class. Library classes for students in grades 1-4 are 30 minutes in length on a weekly basis. Students develop a love for literature through exposure to a variety of genres and authors. Lessons include learning the types of books found in the library and how the catalog and Dewey Decimal System work. Authors and illustrators are studied along with book awards like the Newbery and Caldecott. Research lessons include dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia skills.
Teachers: Melody Zacharias & Taylor Sinclair


At Eastern Christian, music is viewed as a God-given gift to humanity. Our music education program strives to build skills that steward this gift for God’s glory. Our curriculum follows the National Standards in exploring melody, rhythm, form, expression, timbre, texture and harmony in music.

Through vocal development, movement and dance, and introduction to pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, students develop an appreciation for genres of music from many different cultures.

Kindergarten students attend weekly 30-minute music classes. Students in grades 1-4 attend music twice weekly. Special highlights of our music program include the option for violin instruction, beginning in 2nd grade, in place of one weekly music session. Fourth grade students participate in a combined chorus for one of their music classes. In addition, students in all grade levels may take piano and guitar lessons offered in our After School Program.
Teachers: Rebecca Karle (Grades PK-1)
Robert Flim (Grades 2-4)

Physical Education/Health

Physical Education class is offered to all K- 4 students for 30 minutes twice per week. The focus of the curriculum is development of fine and gross motor skills, physical movement concepts, social skills through play, and a responsible Christian lifestyle. Interdisciplinary lesson plans utilize a variety of indoor (gymnasium) and outdoor (playground/ball fields) equipment and activities to reinforce material learned in the classroom.
Teacher: Debi Veenstra