Elementary School


How is the Bible used at ECES?

We recognize the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Teachers use the Bible and devotional books on a daily basis for devotions in their classroom. Our yearly spiritual theme and chapel programs are biblically based. We have a Bible curriculum from CSI (Christian Schools International) that includes lessons from the Old and New Testaments. Bible is taught 3-5 days a week in every grade level.

What kind of curriculum do you offer?

At ECES we write our own curriculum based on Common Core State Standards or New Jersey State Standards. We continuously review and revise our curriculum and search for appropriate materials to supplement the curriculum.

How are students tested?

In addition to summative assessments (tests that summarize what students have learned at the end of a lesson or unit) we use formative assessments. Projects, teacher observations, book reports, etc. allow teachers to check for understanding and form additional lessons based on the needs of the students. Students take standardized tests twice a year. [LINK] Measures of Academic Progress (MAP tests) are administered in the fall and spring.

Do students go outside for recess?

We have a 15-minute morning recess and a 30-minute lunch recess.

Do all students play together outside?

Boundaries are set for students to separate the younger and older students.

Is there a lunch program?

We offer a daily hot lunch program. Pizza and low-fat chips are offered on Thursdays. Sandwiches, salads and hot meals are offered Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Students eat lunch in their classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with a microwave. Students may order milk for an extra fee.

How are safety concerns addressed?

All outside doors are locked during the day. Visitors are required to check in at the office and wear a name tag. Security drills including fire, evacuation and lockdown drills are practiced monthly.