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Tekmatei, 9th Grade

Enrolled at EC in 2013
International student from India
What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
“I love everything about EC. The teachers are so good, loving and caring. The students are friendly, helpful, loving and caring. EC also provides lots of facilities to the students which I have never received in my other schools.”
Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:
“I love and admire each and every teacher at Eastern Christian School. They have a great heart and they are so caring. Personally I feel a bit connected to a teacher, Mrs.Adair. She helped me a lot in settling in when I first came to EC and I have a great relation with her. I just like her friendliness and caring approach. Every teacher in EC is great.”
In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of their experience at Eastern Christian School?
“As I’m getting many opportunities at EC I feel like I have changed a lot too. I can worship God everyday in school (personal devotion) and also I can worship God with my friends and teachers and the whole EC family on every Wednesday. I never had those chances in India. This gives me have a great foundation and relationship with God.”
How do you experience an education that is engaging, nurturing and transforming at EC?
“I feel so lucky and precious to be engaged in EC for four years! For me, EC is the best school that I have ever attended. EC give me many opportunities including teachers that teach me with great love and care. EC has changed me a lot in many good things and ways.”
How do you feel that EC is preparing you for graduation, college and life? What are your plans after you graduate?
“I feel very great and confident for my graduation day and college and my life because the teachers are doing their job with love and care and with their w hole heart. And the students are so good, caring, helpful and friendly. Everything is perfect here and all I need to have a happy graduation day, college and happy life. I need to work hard and try my best. I have many plans for my life including being an English teacher. Everything depends on God’s will.”
“I want to say proudly that God loved me so much He has a plan for me in my life. I’m a lucky and blessed girl from India. God has managed my life. Even my parents could not provide me proper education here now. I’m in America studying in a expensive school with lots of love and care. I want to thank God for the blessings and loves, secondly my American sister/friend/mother in Christ for caring me with her whole heart (Laura) she is just a amazing woman. And lastly my parents and near and dear ones for helping and for always being there for me whenever I needed help.”