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Rachel, Grade 6, Began at Eastern Christian in Kindergarten (2008)

What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
It feels like a second home here. We all love each other as a family and one body in Christ. Students and teachers help each other when something is wrong. That’s why EC is one of the best schools I’ve ever seen and been in.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:
I can’t choose a favorite teacher. They all have helped me, supported me, and cared for me equally. They all love each and every one of my classmates. I don’t think anyone can choose a favorite out of these wonderful teachers.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Eastern Christian School?
When I went to public school, that taught me differently than here. I didn’t know how to respond until I came to EC. They have helped me with all the Core Values. I still need help with them, but at least I know I am growing in the character of Christ, thanks to EC.

The Eastern Christian tagline is “Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming.” How do you experience an education that is engaging, nurturing and transforming at EC?
Engaging: The teachers bring what we are learning to an understanding which we can learn perfectly. Well, with our teacher’s help.
Nurturing: They treat us wonderfully and they teach us God’s word which is worth more than any other school.
Transforming: When we come here for the first time, we are who the public schools taught us, but when we learn more about God and His love toward us, it transforms us into something even more beautiful.

How do you feel that EC is preparing you for graduation, college and life? What are your plans after you graduate?
They teach us a lot of the skills we will need to know in math, language arts, social studies, and other subjects. That will give us a jump start for any job we would like. I didn’t tell my parents, but I want to be a doctor or researcher at St. Jude’s. They help children fighting hard diseases. I like their saying, “No child deserves to die.” It is very true.

Please provide any additional information that might be helpful to include in your story:
I’m not the same as when I came. When I came, I was shy and had no friends. Now because of EC and God’s love, I have friends and I’m not shy anymore, because I know God loves me.