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Morgan, Grade 11

What’s your favorite part about Eastern Christian?
My favorite part about Eastern Christian is that we can worship God daily in our classes while learning with a Christian perspective in mind.

How has Eastern Christian strengthened your relationship with the Lord?
EC encourages me to be myself while spending time glorifying the Lord through my daily life.

What makes Eastern Christian different from other schools in our area?
EC cares about each individual student on a personal level, which encourages me to want to learn and go to school.

How is Eastern Christian preparing you for life after you graduate?
Not only am I receiving a superb education, I am learning with a Christian perspective, with the goal in mind to glorify God through everything I do.

How does your perspective on life change while you attend Eastern Christian?
Learning in a Christian environment is not only a privilege, but knowing that I am learning in an environment where I can express myself and discover my talents give me encouragement and confidence that this is God’s plan for me.