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Evan, Grade 10
What is one unique aspect that you love about Eastern Christian High School?
The most unique aspect at EC is the ability to create personal relationships between students and teachers because of the small student to teacher ratio.
How does learning in a Christian environment positively affect your education?
I believe that learning in a Christian environment has pushed me to grow in my faith and connect what I learn in class to what the Bible teaches us.
In what ways have you grown in your relationship with God at Eastern Christian?
This year I was able to take part in creating a soar with my friends that has affected my spirituality as a young Christian man of God.  The soar is called “Man Up” and it is a guys-only Bible study where young men are able to gather together to share their spiritual journey and help each other along the way.
Has there been a teacher that has impacted your faith, education and personal growth during your time at EC, if yes, how so?
Mr. Struck, EC’s college and career counselor has impacted my life in many ways.  He has been a great role model for the person I would like to resemble when I am his age.  He is also my “Man Up” supervisor and has been at my side while I grow in my faith.
In what ways have you personally experienced a sense of community at ECHS?
Every year ECHS has a school wide “Service Day”.  Students are able to choose from several different service opportunities to go to on this day with a few other students and a supervisor.  Last year I went to an elderly woman’s house along with other students and cleaned up her yard by raking leaves and removing hazardous branches.  It was great to see students coming together to help those who can’t do this kind of work themselves.