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What do you love about Eastern Christian?
I love the relationships with the teachers at EC. They don’t just teach; they have a one-on-one relationship with their students.

In what ways has Eastern Christian helped you grown more in your walk with God?
God is the center of learning. Teachers at EC bring God into the classroom. Along with weekly Chapel and daily classroom devotions, EC does a great job continuing what we learn at home and at church, and bring it into the school. This brings God into every area of students’ lives.

How has Eastern Christian helped you get ready for future plans or college?
EC does a good job in helping you step-by-step to prepare for college. From CTE freshman year, all the way through my high school career, my teachers and deans talked to me and prepared me. We talked about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and pointed me in the direction to get there and walked me the whole way. What they started freshman year, they finish senior year, and teachers do all they can to make sure I graduate.

Have any teachers inspired you? How?
I cannot think of one teacher that did not have a positive effect on me ever since Kindergarten in elementary school. EC teachers are truly passionate about what they teach, and it is obvious in class. They push me to do my best, and have a relationship with students that makes the classroom enjoyable, no matter the class.

What is your favorite part about the Eastern Christian community?
The students are my favorite part of the EC community. These students I am going to walk down the aisle and graduate high school with are most of the students I walked down the aisle and graduated Kindergarten with. These students I will be at prom with are the same students I learned the alphabet with. EC is not a school; it’s my second home. I see these students every day and have since I was six. New students are welcomed with open arms and are accepted into this big family. The only bad thing about this idea is it makes high school graduation the toughest thing – saying goodbye to my elementary, middle and high school friends, and moving on.