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What do you teach at Eastern Christian School?
“Art I, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Printing & Design – Grades 9, 10, 11, 12”

What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
“At Eastern Christian our students receive a Christ-centered education in a caring, nurturing community.”

Why do you like teaching at Eastern Christian? What motivated you to become a teacher at Eastern Christian?
“I consider it a privilege to assist our students in developing the God given creative spirit within them. I cannot imagine sharing the aesthetic experience without giving honor to our Creator.”

How do you teach a Christian Worldview in your classes at EC?
“The artist’s eye sees what can be created out of the raw material with which he has to work with. Each life can be viewed as an empty canvas, continuously being crafted into the masterpiece God has always intended for it to be. Isaiah 64:8 encourages us to see ourselves as clay and our Heavenly Father as the potter who molds us and works within us. Our lives should be dedicated to bringing honor and glory to our God.”

What sets EC students apart from students in other schools?
“Eastern Christian students demonstrate a willingness to share the gifts they have been blessed with as they strive to make a positive difference.”

The Eastern Christian tagline is “Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming.” How do you accomplish this in your role at EC?
“My aim is to empower our students to develop and use their creative gifts to make a difference in the world around them.”

What do you want your students to gain from having known you?
“My desire is to encourage our students, not only to develop their artistic potential, but to open their eyes to the artistry of God’s creation and to see their lives as works of art. God has given them the ability to create because He created them.”