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Tara, EC Class of 2014
I am currently an English major at Messiah College, and have spent a significant amount of time with stories. College has also given me an opportunity to think about my own story, and the people and places that led me to where I am today. Eastern Christian is a significant thread in the fabric of that story.

I spent thirteen years of my life at Eastern Christian schools, and the experience was beneficial in more ways than I can name. One of the things I love most about Eastern Christian is the way in which they provide opportunities to nurture and be nurtured, to engage and be engaged, to transform and be transformed.

Eastern Christian engaged my mind by pushing me to be more than a student. My teachers encouraged me to think deeply and critically about issues of the past and present. They challenged me academically and spiritually, and fostered within me a deep passion for learning that enhanced not only my high school experience, but also my collegiate pursuits.

Each one of my teachers nurtured my spirit by living as examples of faith in action, and encouraging me to be intentional about merging my faith and academics.
EC also transformed my worldview in many ways and emphasized the importance of continually challenging myself to see the world with fresh eyes from multiple perspectives.

I am confident that I have been personally transformed through Eastern Christian and that it has also equipped me to transform the world wherever God leads. However, I am also assured that I always have a community to which I can return in Eastern Christian.
There is a beautifully unique narrative created by Eastern Christian, and it is a privilege to consider my personal story a single page of the piece that God is still composing through this community.