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Currently, I attend Fordham University as a Political Science Major and Peace and Justice Studies Minor and my Eastern Christian experience is the reason I could get here. Eastern Christian provides countless opportunities for every student and continuously pushes all students to strive for their best. From the music ensembles, to the play, the musical, and various sports, Eastern Christian provides something for every student.

The loving, nurturing community has allowed me to form educated opinions, develop strong values, and discover my potential. The relationships I have formed among the peers in my class and the many teachers who have helped me along the way are incomparable to any other school experience. Eastern Christian’s community aspect is something I am grateful to have experienced and has formed a love and appreciation for all communities I am a part of.

In addition to the community aspect, EC has a pattern of consistently striving for excellence. Through the ever-expanding faculty and staff, the commitment to maintaining and improving academic standards, and the willingness to adjust tactics as necessary, Eastern Christian regularly goes above and beyond. In my years at Eastern Christian we have improved our community with diversity, have improved academics, and have continued to look forward with plans for future enrichment. A school that not only embodies Christian values but refuses to become stagnant is unlike any other.

My time at Eastern Christian is the reason I am who I am. Without my loving teachers, friendly classmates, and challenging academics I would not have found my passion for social justice, politics, and the visual arts. Eastern Christian has given me a strong foundation to continue to build on and has truly inspired me to transform the world.