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What was your favorite thing about Eastern Christian School?
My favorite thing about Eastern Christian is its commitment to nurturing a faith focused and intellectually curious community. This community stems from Eastern Christian’s caring and passionate teachers, faculty, and students.

Eastern Christian School helps students develop a Christian Worldview. How has this mission impacted your personal and professional life?
The Christian Worldview that I started to develop at Eastern Christian is the foundation for my “why.” It has motivated, encouraged, and guided me to seek the Lord in my personal experiences at Calvin College and will continue to guide me as I continue on as a professional at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

How did Eastern Christian School prepare you for life after graduation?
Eastern Christian’s focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking prepared me for academic and professional milestones since graduation. I have relied on the skills and habits instilled in me while at Eastern Christian to perform competitively on the SAT and GMAT. Also, by developing healthy spiritual, academic, and social disciplines, Eastern Christian helped me transition into college smoothly.

What would you say to a family considering an education at Eastern Christian School?
I would definitely recommend Eastern Christian to a prospective family. Overall, the memories that I made in the halls, on the athletic teams, and in the classrooms of Eastern Christian Schools have significantly influenced the person I am today.