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Eastern Christian School is excited to announce the hiring of EC alumnus (George) David Riley as IT support technician and JV basketball coach.

A 2002 EC graduate, Mr. Riley received a bachelor’s in Video Production and Film from Five Towns College. He is an ordained minister and passionate about education, filmmaking, songwriting and basketball. He is married to his wife, Cursha, and has three children.

Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a native of Paterson, NJ, and I grew up loving sports. I played baseball, football, and basketball, but focused on basketball when I got to the high school. Professionally, I’ve worked as a filmmaker and director of photography on several films. I’m currently writing a series scheduled to start production in 2023, and a music album with a 2023 release. In addition to my creative pursuits, I most recently served as a teacher and technology coordinator for Newark Public School District.

How has EC impacted your life?

Eastern Christian wrote a profile on me a while back for the EC Herald. In the interview, I stated that as far as my faith, EC showed me a way of worship that I had never seen before. Still to this day, I remember our chapel services and Harvey Cedars retreats. Bible class with Doc Wilson was my favorite class, and I still revisit my old class notes to this day.

What excites you about being back at Eastern Christian?

The school showed me how to get into the presence of God. I want to be part of that again. I have grown much in Christ since my days at EC. I hope to impart what Christ has given me to students so they can have the same experiences I had while I attended as a student.

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