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Academic excellence has always been a hallmark of Eastern Christian School. We have an academic model that supports our mission to partner with Christian homes. We design and review our curriculum to match the developmental needs of every student. Supplemental academic support provides learning intervention for students who might be overlooked in other schools. An accelerated program challenges students that excel. Our students learn and work together in a diverse academic learning community. Our student-to-teacher ratio allows learners to develop confidence and competence.

Developmental Model

Our approach to education is based on a student’s developmental stages. As a child grows, he or she learns. Learning and growth are inextricably linked. EC’s curriculum has been carefully developed with this truth in mind. There’s a lot of educational jargon around this concept, but it’s actually pretty simple: Babies crawl before they walk, walk before they run, and babble before they talk. So development happens in a sequence that is predictable. This continues beyond infancy and into schooling. There is a sequence that predicts reading, writing, math skills, etc.

But here’s the catch- while all humans develop in a predictable sequence, the pace of development differs dramatically from one person to another. That’s where our differentiated approach comes in.

Differentiated Approach

Since each student achieves developmental milestones at a unique rates, the EC curriculum is totally differentiated. What does this mean? It means that while some preschoolers are learning their upper case letters, others are learning lowercase letters, consonant blends, or even reading. It means that students at all levels might be in a traditional classroom setting, might be in a academic support setting, or an academic acceleration setting. Where and how they learn totally depends on students’ abilities and needs.

Featured Programs

Eastern Christian School has several featured programs at all levels of our school:


Come to EC and skip a year of college! Students can earn up to 41 college credits at Seton Hall University while enrolled at Eastern Christian School! These 41 credits can be transferred to just about any college or university.


Our high school students have the opportunity to participate in an internship/ work study program. This hands-on learning prepares our students for life in the workforce.


Not everyone learns the same way. The Education Support Services is a team of fully certified professionals that assist our students that have learning needs beyond a typical classroom setting. We o er “pull out” and “push in” services for students who demonstrate needs for additional support.



The theme of our College and Career office is, “You can get there from here.” That theme rings true because we have 95% college placement. Every year, we send students to top colleges and universities, technical schools, community colleges and the trades.  

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