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On Wednesday, May 12, EC seniors and their families joined at The Terrace in Paramus for a night of recognition and celebration of the accomplishments achieved by the EC Class of 2021. The night included plenty of time outdoors on a beautiful spring night, prayers, speeches, and reflections from staff, parents and several members of the class. Each member of the class was recognized, awards were presented, and faculty-written spiritual growth statements were read for each student. A delicious dinner was enjoyed and a time of music and dancing ended the evening for students. It was a great way to gather and celebrate the accomplishments of the careers of these seniors! Congratulations, Class of 2021! 

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English as a Second Language Award Bobby Wu & Logan Kang
English Award Kelly Steenstra
Journalism Award Baijun Jiang
Mathematics Award Cyndi Young Park
Physical Education Award Matias Cortes
Science Award Matias Cortes & Cyndi Park
Social Studies Award Jack Skywalker & Will Critchfield
STEAM Award Erina Lee & Aidan Sehulster
Technology Department Award Adam Dalton
World Language Award Julie Moon (for Spanish)
Gaby Lopez (for French)
John Philip Sousa Band Award Recipient Sin Young Park
Orchestra Award Recipient SeoJun Lee
Choral Award Recipient Christiana Hubbard & Kelly Steenstra
Overall Musical Achievement “Arion Award” Recipient Erina Lee
Art Department Award Sarang Han & Cassidy Abma
Bible and Life Award Christiana Hubbard
The DaVinci Award (Art & Tech) Stephen Frank
Golden Eagle Award Nicole Foster, Michael Steiginga, Danny Buckles
ECHA Varsity Club Award Matias Cortes & Nicole Foster
PCCA Senior Athlete of the Year Matias Cortes & Nicole Foster
NJIC Sportsmanship Award William Critchfield & Kristen Ghinelli
NJ National Women in Sport Award Karissa Kuperus
NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Award Michael Steiginga



President’s Award

Aidan Sehulster
Michael Steiginga
James Blanco
Kelly Steenstra
Luke Antoci
Baijun Jiang
Juhyeon Moon
Stephen Frank
Zherui Wang
Katherine Kuiken
Brian Schaaf
Yuzi Liao
William Critchfield
Emma Robinson
Wai Yee Chan
Nicole Pienaar
Sarang Han
Erina Lee
Ryan Westra
Carrington Brooks
Karissa Kuperus
Gabriela Lopez
Kristen Ghinelli
Matias Cortes
Junseo Lee
Benjamin Kuipers
Zhicheng Liu
Jinhao Ma
Audrey Adin
Sin Young Park
Eva Reinmuth
Rachel Baker
Adam Dalton
Maximus Miller
Sofia-Vesti Graine
Yunseo Jung
Maddie Solano
Josaida Pineyro
Christiana Hubbard
Jemin Son
Maria Nabih
Edward Park
Elizabeth Botbyl
Cassidy Abma
Kate Foy
Annika Westra

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