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We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the High School experience at EC: Concentrations! 

Think “college major”

Starting next school year (2021-22), students can choose a concentration area that will allow them to demonstrate passion and success within a specific academic field or subject area. Like choosing a major in college, concentrations will provide a focus area for electives, extracurriculars, and co-curricular activities. 

To earn/complete a concentration, a student must complete four courses (beyond the core required classes) within their designated area. Active participation in a club, independent studies, WINGS internships, and other co-curricular activities in a related field can also count toward the four points needed (half-block classes and clubs count as a half-point). 

For example, a student pursuing a Performing Arts Concentration could take the public speaking elective, participate in drama productions, join the dance club, or participate in our music ensembles to “earn points” toward the concentration. 

Who can choose a Concentration?

Anyone! Concentrations are completely optional and any student (10th-12th) can participate, whether or not they are in honors classes. 

What do I “get” for it?

Concentrations will be noted on your transcript and as a logo in your EC email signature. It will demonstrate your passion for a specific academic field, which could help make you a desirable applicant for colleges and universities. 

Do I have to earn a specific grade to earn points?

Yes, you need an 80% or above as the final grade for any class to count toward your concentration. This is to show colleges that you not only have a passion for a subject area, but also demonstrated success. 

Will this use up all my elective choices?

Not at all. High school is about experiencing many subjects–not fully committing to one field yet. You will have plenty of room for other electives and experiences, but a concentration will be an opportunity to show if you lean towards one academic area as your passion. 

What are the available options?

We will launch with seven options for concentrations (see the graphic). More details will be given about which classes “count” towards each concentration, but in general, if it’s an elective or an upper-level class related to the academic field, it counts. 

Can I receive an Honors Concentration?

Yes–more details will be coming out about how to pursue an honors designation, but it will include taking the honors version of any classes where there is an honors option. 

Can I take Honors History classes without taking Honors English? 

Yes! Starting next year, the classes are distinct and separate, so you can take either class without an obligation to take the other (there are prerequisites required for Honors classes). 

Who do I go to with any questions?

Principal Cirone



David Intlekofer

By: David Intlekofer

David Intlekofer is the principal of Eastern Christian High School.

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