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If you missed the EC College & Career Webinar on March 10, no worries!  We’ve got you covered. Below you can find the webinar recording and our EC College and Career Program Guide. 

We were glad that while we could not see everyone in person, we were still able to provide you with a few tools and resources as you begin planning for college or other pathways. This presentation was geared towards our juniors students and their parents, but this information was applicable to the entire high school community.

Our current circumstances have made college and career planning especially difficult for our junior and senior students. With SAT and ACT being cancelled and opportunities to visit colleges erased, many students are left feeling confused and overwhelmed. In this webinar recording, I break down the college and career planning process into seven simple steps so that students have a game plan to face the challenges ahead of them. 

If you have any questions that come up as you are going through these resources, please feel free to email me ( or Catherine Lang ( We are here to help!





Ben Fuller

By: Ben Fuller

Ben Fuller is the College & Career Counselor at Eastern Christian School.

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