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The Christmas Season is my favorite time of year. I love the giving spirit that abounds and going to public venues hearing Jesus’ name sung throughout. One of the best parts for me is that in Eastern Christian we can talk about, and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

Eastern Christian Elementary School’s first graders were able to share with the rest of the Elementary School Students as well as their parents, grandparents, and other loved ones the true meaning of Christmas in their Chapel on Tuesday morning. Students shared the Christmas story beginning long ago when King Herod ruled Judea.

An Angel appeared to Mary sharing that she would give birth to a baby boy that she is to call Jesus. An angel then appeared to Joseph who was engaged to be married to Mary to calm him and help him realize that Mary’s baby is from God. Mary and Joseph’s obedience lead them to Bethlehem where they gave birth to the Savior of the world! Shepards were informed by angels to go visit the new Savior and to share the good news. After, wise men had followed a star that lead them to the young Savior King, traveling through Jerusalem and met King Herod. Herod was angry about a new King taking his title and devised an evil plan, but did not tell the wise men, encouraging them to come back to Herod to let him know where the baby was born so he could worship him too. After the wise men found Jesus, God told them in a dream to go home a different way and not return to Herod. An angel appeared to Joseph again to warn him about Herod’s plan and told them to escape to Egypt until it was safe for them to return. After Herod’s death, and it was safe for them to return to Israel, they moved to Nazareth where Jesus grew up to perform many miracles and save the world from sin by dying on a cross.

Thank you, God, for caring so much for us that you chose to send your son, Jesus. Thank you that we can share our faith in a school that recognizes the importance of following you, and places great importance on the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for children that can sing your praises and share the your good news. Thank you for Eastern Christian and the families, faculty, and staff members that make up such a special place where we are free to worship you and raise our children in a loving, Christ-centered environment. May you be praised, Lord, throughout this Christmas season and may we not lose sight of the incredible gift you gave us.

Stephanie Tanis

By: Stephanie Tanis

Stephanie Tanis is EC's Elementary School and Middle School Educational Technology Specialist. She's also a very proud EC mom!

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