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I have been working at Eastern Christian for 14 years.  When my daughter was born 8 years ago, I knew that Eastern Christian would be the school she attended, because I couldn’t help but believe in the vision and mission of the school!  She began in Three-Year-Old Preschool because we wanted to make sure she had plenty of opportunities to play with others and be in an environment where she was guided with Christian principles throughout her school day.

I have the unique perspective of being able to work within the school building and see my child each day during school hours.  I am able to walk past the classroom to see her engaged in her learning activities, and then have her share what she learned at home.  I also have the opportunity to work with teachers and witness how much they love their students and care deeply about their development.  My daughter has had six teachers in her EC career so far (one twice!) and she has been able to make unique connections with each one, and has truly felt loved.

I know that my experience is not unique.  Being able to witness the inner workings of the school has taught me not only that our teachers are incredible, but they care for all students and work diligently to help them meet their greatest potential.  The teachers ensure student success by teaming with parents to extend achievement beyond the school walls.  While academics are an essential part of Eastern Christian’s purpose, helping train and cultivate followers of Christ in all areas of life is of utmost importance.

I could not be more pleased with my daughter’s school experience, and look forward to more extraordinary connections with teachers throughout the years.  I am especially excited to see how she grows in Christ because of how her teachers model their love of Christ in everything they do.


Stephanie Tanis

By: Stephanie Tanis

Stephanie Tanis is EC's Elementary School and Middle School Educational Technology Specialist. She's also a very proud EC mom!

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