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“As Christians, we always have to remind ourselves that our time does not belong to us but it belongs to our God who created each of us with a specific purpose.” These words, written by ECHS Bible and Worship students, helped students prepare for Service Day on June 1, 2018.  Following a week of Bible and Worship student generated devotions and service team preparation, the HS student body, faculty, and staff, joined by parent and community volunteers, partnered with 28 business, churches, and organizations to serve as the hands and feet of Christ. A few business/organization partners reflected: “ students were respectful and helpful”; “we love having them”; “they are such a blessing”; “we’re thankful for the energetic and enthusiastic group”; “we accomplished more than I thought we would”; “students helped and worked hard”.  

Following the painting, cleaning, organizing, elderly visits, planting, weeding, garbage pick up, musical performances, and office projects, students returned to campus classrooms for group debriefing and third block sharings. Teachers shared: “my students were touched. One mentioned her family donates to a center like this, and now she really understands what they do and why”; “students were thoroughly engaged and appreciated the opportunity to use their skills”; “it was a learning experience and provided an opportunity to do something practical”. Students discussed how their service connects to their faith and why/how God calls us to serve.  Students noted: “Service Day is a great opportunity for students”; “I didn’t even realize how the elderly were living and how lonely it can be- I’m glad I got to go and see”; “service is an opportunity to connect to the heart”; “it’s a time that isn’t just about me… it’s about others and being Christ’s hands and feet”; “it pushes me out of my comfort zone to impact others and grow”. ECHS served well on June 1 and now looks forward to more opportunities to fulfill the responsibility and privilege Christ gives us to serve one another.

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