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Which EC Preschool Campus is Right for You?

Which EC Preschool Campus is Right for You?


Eastern Christian School offers 2 Preschool Campuses! Which one is right for you?

During a preschool tour, I was recently asked, “Why do parents choose one campus over the other?”. I’m very happy to answer that question.

In many ways what happens at each campus is very similar. Teachers use the same curriculum. Both locations enjoy physical education, reading buddies, and preschool chapel. We participate in the same special events: field trip to Abma’s Farm, Moms’ Valentine’s Day Tea, Dads’ Pizza Night, St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon, Grandfriend’s Day, Preschool Picnic, and Preschool Graduation. Many of the events are even held together. 

However, there are a few important distinctions. When you understand them, you will ready to choose the best fit for your family.

Midland Park

Our Midland Park preschool campus, located in Eastern Christian Elementary School, makes it the ideal location for students with elementary school siblings and for preschool families seeking a full day option. Our Midland Park campus, offers a before school program beginning at 7:00 am. Our full day preschool and elementary schedules are aligned to provide a convenient one stop drop off (at 8:20) and pick up (at 3:00). At this location, EC also provides after school programing that can be utilized until 6:00 pm. We offer Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Jr. K classes with flexile scheduling options. For example, parents of three-year-olds can choose to send their child 2 half days a week, 5 full days a week, or anything in between. 


EC preschool campus in Wyckoff is located in Faith Community Church at 530 Sicomac Avenue, right in front of Eastern Christian Middle School. This is a new preschool location for EC, and it is the perfect campus for preschool families seeking a half day preschool option. Many families appreciate the 9:00 start time, so they have extra time to get their little ones out the door. Class ends at 12:00, however, as part of a new campus initiative, children are invited to stay for lunch time and enrichment classes until 1:30 on Wednesdays for no additional cost. At our Wyckoff campus, we offer a multi-age preschool class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As EC’s smallest campus, many students benefit from the intimate setting; however, they still enjoy the benefits of being part of a larger school district with over 800 students. Since this campus is right off 208, many families find it a quicker commute. 

Still not sure which campus is right for you? Contact our admissions team, who would be happy to give you a tour of each location. The good news is while each campus has it’s own unique location and unique qualities, our certified teachers use the same curriculum to provide a high-quality preschool education as they teach children to love and follow Jesus, so you cannot make a bad choice!