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Seth Stadtlander, Assistant Athletic Director, Math Teacher, Coach

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in North Haledon and transferred to Eastern Christian High School as a Freshman. After graduating EC with a semester’s worth of college credits due to Project Acceleration, I graduated from Community College in NJ Stars Program. I continued my education at Montclair State where I studied Mathematics and Teaching. After two years I graduated with a Math Degree and a Teaching Degree/Certification in K-12 Mathematics. 

Other than my education, always enjoyed being active. I enjoy camping, hiking, or anything else outdoors. I love playing, watching and coaching any sport I can.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to work at EC.
Before my last semester at MSU, I was approached about an opening for the Girls Soccer position. I had not pursued the position at all. I was hesitant to take it because I was still waiting to see where I would be placed for my student teaching assignment. It would not have been possible to leave my placement and arrive at soccer events in North Haledon if my placement was far away. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my placement was delayed into September, and after a lot of prayer, I took a leap of faith by taking the position.

Shortly after this, I found out my placement. Elizabeth Middle School was an hour away from Eastern Christian due to the rush hour traffic I sat in nearly every day. I would never have taken the soccer position if I had known this prior, but God somehow made it work. I was able to coach while student teaching an hour away and taking night classes to fulfill my double major a semester early. Looking back I have no clue how I had the time. 

Fast forward to the end of the soccer season, God pulled me to Eastern Christian again. Before I had started looking for teaching positions (which were nearly all temporary maternity leaves due to my graduation being mid-year), I was once again approached about coming to EC. This time it was about becoming the Assistant Athletic Director at Eastern Christian. I hesitantly accepted after a lot of prayer and doubts. I was not sure that I should take a job that did not apply to either of my majors– another leap of faith. 

After taking the position, God opened another door. I was able to teach a math class due to a medical leave. I loved this opportunity because it combined my love of teaching, math, and sports. A couple of months later, and after much anticipation of whether or not I should stay at EC if a full-time position was not available, I was told that a full-time position had opened up for me due to a maternity leave and an eventual retirement in the math department. 

God gave me a full-time job combining sports and teaching— something perfect for me. I am so blessed. I would never have had this opportunity in addition to the coaching roles I have been given in any other school. 

In hindsight, God worked everything perfectly for my benefit. I had no plan, but He did. If my student teaching had not been delayed, I never would have taken the coaching position. If I had not taken the coaching position, I never would have been offered the Assistant Athletic Director position. If I had not been approached about entering the school in the Athletic Department, I would never have had the ability to seamlessly fill the vacant roles in the math department during the school year. 

God worked through each step, ensuring the next for both my benefit and His. I love the position I am in because it allows me to work with and influence teenagers every day in both the classroom and on the field. 

While I have God to thank for the opportunities He has given to me at EC, I would be remiss to not thank Ruth Kuder and Barry Veenstra for all their hard work and faith in me to fill the shoes of my predecessors. The path was not always clear or possible, but God worked in my life through these individuals in order to allow me to stay here. Thank you.

What sets EC apart?
I came to Eastern Christian as a student nearly 9 years ago. Eastern Christian came back to me as a teacher and coach. My testimony is a great way to view each person’s path to EC. God has placed everyone in our halls here for a very specific reason. The students and teachers at EC have all been called to pursue the Lord together at Eastern Christian in order to not only further their education but to also tell the world of the good news of Christ.