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One of the benefits of teaching in a Christian school supported by churches, are the connections.  At ECHS we are blessed by pastors and youth ministers willing to share in our chapels, churches who pray for and participate in Christian Education Sundays, and more.  Madison Avenue Christian Reformed Church even extends their kayak ministry resources to ECHS to host 1-2 Kayak trips a year.

Pastor John Algera, an EC graduate himself, believes that God wants him to bring “general” revelation to kids in the inner city, so he began the River of God Paddling program.  The goals are to expose city children to opportunities:  overcoming fear of water, understanding the waterways belong to us all, and most of all loving nature.

Today Eastern Christian continues to prepare young people for an internal drive to care about cultures beyond those in which we were raised.  Pastor John has lived a life of servanthood in Paterson for 40 years.  We are blessed that he cares about informing not only the children of his community, but for Eastern Christian students as well.  As high schoolers we took time to pray as we left, meditated on Psalm 8 while out on the Hackensack River, and ended with ice cream and thanks for a blessed day.  We also talked about the River of God ministry over lunch.  

Pastor John’s visions really fit perfectly with many high school students’ current Bible curriculum–general and special revelation.  God is showing himself to us in his Biblical word (special) and in a world that can only be explained as designed by a creator.  Nature is a way that God communicates to us generally.

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