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Hidden In Plain Sight to be held in Haledon May 4, 2017

Manchester Regional High School is hosting “Hidden in Plain Sight” on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7PM. Presented by the Center for Prevention and Counseling and collaboration with Prevention Links, this exhibit and presentation to prevent youth drug misuse is suitable for parents and other adult community members who work with or care about young people. An exhibit of a teenager’s bedroom will be on display for participants to browse, observe and become familiar with where and how teens might hide drugs or paraphernalia. Seemingly innocent items commonly used by youth could actually indicate a substance use problem. This awareness event will allow adults to be more proactive in helping a young person who might be using alcohol or other drugs. Hear from prevention specialists and law enforcement about local drug trends, how to prevent youth substance use disorders and resources available to help keep youth healthy.

Would you be able to recognize signs of use and intervene before they become impossible to ignore? Don’t leave it to chance! An attendee at a recent presentation commented: “Being aware of what drugs are being misused by kids is helpful. But, even more valuable was understanding how teen brains are so susceptible to addiction and that’s really important for me to talk to my kids about!” This “Hidden in Plain Sight” presentation is supported and funded by the North Haledon Municipal Alliance. For more information, please contact Tina Aue at The Center at (973)383-4787 ext. 239 or email