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The meteoric rise of technology use in our everyday lives has made the world a whole lot more convenient and connected. But the dramatic increase in “Screen Time” has also opened our children up to a digital world that they may not be developmentally ready to handle. And parents frequently feel unequipped to lead in this area.

What role should technology play in the lives of our children? What is technology’s role in education? How can students learn to safely navigate the internet in general and social media in particular?

These topics and more will be discussed for this FREE two week event that is open to all EC parents and friends. Students grades 5 through 12 are also welcome to attend. Both weeks will take place at Eastern Christian High School on two consecutive Tuesday nights. Tuesday, May 3rd will feature Screenagers, a new film tackling what it is like to grow up in the digital age. Tuesday, May 10th will feature Pasaaic County Sherrif office’s internet crimes unit in a conversation with parents about maintaining internet safety.

Our partnership with the Christian Home is important to us, and we are excited to offer these events free of charge for the benefit of our children.