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The 4th Annual EC Trike-a-thon raced around the ECES parking lot earlier this week. What is the Trike-a-thon? One of Eastern Christian School’s cutest traditions, the Trike-a-thon features EC’s PreK 3, PreK 4, and Jr. Kindergarten classes navigating a course on tricycles, scooters, big wheels, or pretty much any other wheeled vehicle you can imagine. By participating in this fun class activity, EC’s youngest students are helping to raise money and awareness for a great cause. Originally created by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Trike-a-thon helps raise funds for cancer research.

The trike-a-thon features a strong partnership between EC preschool and 5th grade students. The 5th grade students are responsible for organizing the entire event. 5th graders visit the preschool several times leading up to the Trike-a-thon to teach the preschool students about bike safety. This connection between older and younger students at EC provides a unique opportunity for our students to exercise and grow in their leadership abilities. In addition to leadership skills, this event also ties into the science curriculum of 5th grade as students study cells.  Students learn about the workings of cells and talk about the incredible ways these researchers are working with cells to try to cure cancer.

5th grade students organized several stations for the preschool students. There was a trike course outfitted with a bubble machine and balloon tunnel, a trike washing station, and a cool-down station with drinks and snacks. They also organized a bake sale for hungry parent spectators.

In only a couple years, the preschoolers have raised over $10,000! As always, it was an amazing day!