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D04C3820-300x200Enrolling your child in the best school possible is vital to his or her future success. If you’ve been searching for a private middle or high school, you likely know there are many steps to the admissions process. In addition to touring campuses, submitting applications, and completing entrance testing, many schools conduct interviews with prospective middle and high schoolers. This adds a personal element to the admissions process. It’s not just about the school assessing student aptitude, it also gives the student an opportunity to determine whether they believe they’ve found the best personal fit.

The following interview questions are often used to foster meaningful conversation between a prospective student and school leadership

1.What are your favorite subject(s)?

By middle school, most students have identified the subjects they enjoy most. This common question is used to gauge academic interest and aptitude. Students should be prepared to discuss which subjects they like most and why. They may also be asked about their least favorite subjects.

2.What hobbies do you enjoy outside school?

Private schools look for students who have a zest for life — both in the classroom and out. Sharing favorite hobbies helps the school representative understand what activities students enjoy and how those activities might align with talents that can be honed for future success.

3.Who is your biggest role model?

All students should have honorable role models they can look up to. Whether it is a family member, a former teacher, a public figure, or a person from history makes no difference. Schools simply want to know that the prospective student has a source of motivation.

4.What goals have you set for the future?

The only wrong answer to this question is none at all. Schools want to see that students are goal-oriented and that they have a plan in place for reaching those goals. Even if things are not set in stone, this is a great time to discuss potential college and career paths.

5.What is the last book you’ve read?

Citing a textbook is probably not the best way to approach this question. Schools want to see that students read outside of their academic assignments and obligations. Instead of simply listing a title, ace this question by discussing themes or lessons learned from the book.

6.What current events have captured your attention lately?

Schools desire to know that students are engaged with the world around them. Prospective students need not be political experts to tackle this question with maturity. Any pertinent and thought-provoking news event will do.

7.Why do you think you would enjoy coming to school here?

This question shows that a prospective student is as engaged in the school selection process as their parents. Schools look for applicants who plan to be active in the learning community. List appealing aspects of the classroom experience, as well as exciting extracurricular opportunities.

8.Have you participated in any community service or missions projects recently?

Students who have a passion for giving back are exceptionally appealing to high schools and colleges alike. Describing various outreach projects will let the administration know that a student has a genuine interest in representing their school well and making the world a better place.  

9.What activities would you like to get involved in here?

Schools are not looking for academic aptitude alone. They want students to participate in a broad range of activities. Whether it be a sport, an art program, a club, or a community service initiative, showing interest beyond the academics pays off in a big way.

10.Do you have any questions for us?

If a student has meaningful questions prepared for the school, it will demonstrate that finding the best learning community is a matter of serious interest. Regardless of the topic, a student extending the conversation is always viewed as positive.

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