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JVD_0775“Why is the church filled with so many hypocrites?” This is a question (understandable too) that hinders many people from considering the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Can we really blame them though? In some sense, we are all hypocrites, but the tragedy is that some of the most respected followers of Christ have been exposed as fakes and frauds causing people to think Christianity is a mere sham. Furthermore, many people have felt severely judged and condemned by the people who claim to follow the one who said, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” How can this be?

Well, in Mr. McKinney’s Apologetics class, many of the students had this question so we invited some local pastors to come and speak on this issue. Ryan Baitzel (Lead Pastor of Emergence Church) and Doug Becker (Lead Pastor of New Beginnings Bible Church) gave a short talk on why there are so many hypocrites in the church, then the students were given the rest of class for Q&A. The students really enjoyed this learning experience, and were helped tremendously in thinking through this very difficult issue. In the end, we concluded that it does not make sense to reject Jesus for something he too rejects: hypocrisy. And the only cure is to regularly confess and repent of our own hypocrisy, allowing the glorious gospel of grace to liberate us from such a God-dishonoring sin.