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D04C2591w D04C2645 D04C2600On Friday, October 16, the ECMS student body came to school ready to roll up their sleeves and to get their hands dirty. During the morning, our 188 Middle School students were sent out in small groups to over 20 locations. Students spent three hours at each of these locations working and serving the needs of our hosts. After returning to school, students celebrated the day of service with a picnic lunch and “dirty” games outside.

The goal of Hands Dirty Day is two-fold: First, it is our desire to get our students out into the community to work with local businesses and organizations as well as with local individuals and families and to share the love of Christ through service. From

fall clean-ups, to building raised flower beds, performing for seniors to assisting residents at a care center, our students used their hands to meet whatever needs these groups had. Second, ECMS uses Hands Dirty Day as a sponsored fundraising day, where students asked friends and family to sponsor them as they served. Funds raised through these efforts went to support the Middle School 1-1 Chromebook initiative, which over the past two years has purchased 160 Dell Chromebooks.

We have already had several reports back from the locations we served giving positive feedback, both of the help we provided as well as the helpfulness of our students. It was an amazing day of lifting up the name of our God to those in need.