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n1641666873_166919_1089866The “Three-Legged Stool” of home, church, and school all working together to grow our children in the faith has long been the model for Christian education.  I was thrilled to read the editorial by this name in the September, 2014 edition of the Bannerthe magazine of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. This piece powerfully makes the case for Christian day schools.

Banner editor, Rev. Bob De Moor, argues that Christian schools, working in partnership with Christian homes and churches, are, “mutually supporting…in proclaiming the lordship of Jesus Christ inside and outside of the church.” (BannerSeptember, 2014).

At Eastern Christian School, as we stand together at the beginning of a new school year, we thank God for the opportunity to partner with Christian families and an expanding array of Christian churches. From our generations-long partnerships with a number of area churches, to our brand new partnership with Pilgrim Church, it is so rewarding to collaborate with Christian homes and churches in this most important of all missions: training up the next generation of Christian leaders!

Check out the full article “The Case for Christian Education” here

Thomas G. Dykhouse

Executive Director & Head of School