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It might not go “through the woods”, but an Eastern Christian bus is ready to go over, or under, the Hudson River. Students from New York can now come to school on Monday morning, stay with a host family during the week, and return home on Friday afternoon.

7 Reasons Eastern Christian is a compelling choice for New York parents:

1. An excellent Christian education grounded in a Reformed worldview
2. An academically inclusive program that meets the needs of students who are gifted or challenged
3. A rich co-curricular emphasis with strong programs in arts, music, athletics and drama
4. An international school community with students from all over the world
5. Caring Christian host families who provide 4-night a week homestay, allowing students to be with their parents on weekends
6. An affordable price tag that includes tuition, room, board and transportation for far less than tuition alone at a private school in New York
7. A short trip from New York for parents who want to attend games or concerts during the week

Help spread the word about this innovative option for making Christian education available to many more families. For details see Metro-New York Boarding or contact Ruth Kuder at 973.427.0900 or