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“Teachers in the schools of the Eastern Christian School Association recognize that their calling to the profession is based upon our commitment to God as Creator and Lord and to His Word as the standard for faith and living. They recognize that while the parents of students are primarily responsible before God for the instruction of covenant youth, the Christian school is the medium which parents have chosen to enlist partnership in fulfilling this responsibility. Faculty recognizes the Board of Eastern Christian School Association as the governing authority delegated by the parents to see that the schools are administered well.

Within this framework Christian educators affirm their belief in the worth and dignity of man as a being created in the image of God and recognize their obligation to pursue the truth, to encourage scholarship and to promote meaningful Christian citizenship in our democracy. Christian educators regard as essential to these goals the protection of the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of educational opportunities for all.

They also acknowledge their responsibility to practice their profession according to the ethical standards as revealed in the Word of God and expressed in the basic Reformed principles (outlined below) to which our Christian school community subscribes. “ (excerpt from ECSA Application Information document)

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Job Openings


Elementary School Faculty Opening – 2014-2015
Eastern Christian Elementary School is entertaining applications for a full time, 2nd grade opening in the 2014-2015 school year.

Interested candidates should contact:
Principal Sandra Bottge
Phone: 201.445.6150


Middle School Faculty Opening – 2014-2015
Eastern Christian Middle School is entertaining applications for a full time teacher with credentials in special education or learning disabilities to work with a population of 5th-8th grade students with specific learning disabilities, attention deficits, sensory integration issues and other health impairments. The teacher roles includes remediation, collaboration, teacher consultant, co-teaching mainly in reading, and possibly mathematics. Candidates with experience in Orton Gillingham would transition well into this setting.

Interested parties should contact:
Dick VanYperen
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Phone: 973.427.6244 ext. 285


High School Faculty Openings – 2014-2015
Full time English
Part time English
Full time Science
Part time Spanish
Part time Physical Education/Health

Interested parties should contact:
Joel Uecker, Ed.D.
High School Principal
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 220



Coaching Positions open for 2014-2015
Fall 2014 – Varsity and JV Volleyball
Fall 2014 – Girls’ Varsity Tennis
Winter 2014-2015 – Middle School Girls’ Basketball
Spring 2015 – Boys’ Varsity Tennis

Interested parties should contact:
Athletic Director – Steven King
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 218

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